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I encourage you to sign a petition urging the Obama Administration to reinstate reissuance of nonimmigrant visas within the USA, a practice that was discontinued in 2004.  If the petition receives 100,000 on-line signatures by February 23, the Administration has promised to review it, send it to the appropriate policy experts in the administration, and issue an official response. 

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Workload Transfer from the Vermont Service Center to the California Service Center

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently began transferring some extension of stay casework from the Vermont Service Center to the California Service Center to balance workloads. The affected casework includes the following form:

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Visa Reciprocity Tables Updated

For temporary visitors to the United States (nonimmigrants), reciprocity tables, available from the drop-down menu above, show applicable visa issuance fees by country and by visa classification type, and the maximum period of visa validity and number of applications, or entries, that may be authorized.

The Department of State has updated the visa reciprocity tables. Please click here to get the updated information.

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DOS Publishes Final Rule on Regulatory Exception for Certain Nonimmigrant Visa Classifications

[Federal Register Volume 78, Number 215 (Wednesday, November 6, 2013)]
[Rules and Regulations]
[Pages 66813-66815]
From the Federal Register Online via the Government Printing Office []
[FR Doc No: 2013-26590]

[[Page 66813]]

Vol. 78


No. 215

November 6, 2013

Part II Department of State


22 CFR Part 41

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Labor Certification Registry Document Availability Schedule (as of July 1, 2013)

Currently, the LCR displays all certified H-1B1 and E-3 Labor Condition Applications (LCA) and Permanent labor certifications, dating back to April 15, 2009. However, the Department is experiencing technical difficulties with the display of approved H-1B LCAs. In addition, due to the historical paper-based filings of H-2A and H-2B applications, these labor certification documents must be manually redacted and uploaded to the LCR and, therefore, only a limited number of records covering Fiscal Year 2013 are currently available.


I-94 Web Application Video

The I-94 Web Application has been designed to provide travelers with the I-94 number that is assigned by Customs and Border Protectio or CBP - upon entrance to the United States. The I-94 number may be used for verification with other government agencies. Foreign travelers entering the UnitedStates at air or sea ports of entry will be able to access their electronic Form I-94 by visiting

To learn more about this Web Application please visit the link below.

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2012 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics

The Yearbook of Immigration Statistics is a compendium of tables that provides data on foreign nationals who, during a fiscal year, were granted lawful permanent residence (i.e., admitted as immigrants or became legal permanent

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