Rajiv's News Clips - US policy that restricted international students’ re-entry blocked - Times of India

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Published by : The Times Of India - Date: February 08, 2020  

Quotes and Excerpts from Rajiv on the article:

Rajiv S Khanna, managing attorney at Immigration.com, told TOI, “This decision is laudable in three respects. First, the court correctly interpreted the law and held that the USCIS had implemented a policy against the plain language of the statute. Second, the court invalidated incorrect procedures. And finally, the court refused to accept all the standard arguments the government makes in similar cases, viz, they were creating a policy and not a law.”

“The government's action smacked of obvious unreasonableness and a desire to hamper legal immigration. As the court noted, international students could inadvertently break the law, causing irreparable harm to their legal status by merely moving from one dormitory to another without notifying the government,” Khanna said.

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