Rajiv's News Clips - US court sets aside plea, IT service companies will need to file more evidence when hiring H-1Bs

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Published by : The Times Of India - Date: January 23, 2020  

Quotes and Excerpts from Rajiv on the article:

Arlington based, Rajiv S. Khanna, Managing Attorney at Immigration.com views that the policy memo threatens not just a few H-1B cases but the very existence of several IT service and consulting companies, because of the atmosphere of high uncertainty of approval of H1B applications. 

“The February 2018 memo appears to be based more on perception than reality. USCIS is under the impression that all H-1B applications when they involve third-site placements are unreliable. The degree of evidence required has been illegally elevated to a standard that is not provided for in the regulations,” states Khanna. 

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