Parents Visa Denied Based on 214(b) Twice

Below is my dads background .
Mom has always been a house wife & have lived in India most of her life except for 2 years in 1989 to 1991. My dad has been working in the Yemen for a subsidiary of American company called Clorex for 10 years as a plant manager for a chemical plant(purely management job). Did an MBA 2 years prior to his retirement at the age of 56 since the company sponsored it as part of employee benefit.Since then he had been living as a retiree , now for 4 years. In between I have took them to Singapore & Malaysia .Have a permanent residence in India .He pays luxury tax for that home. Has a daughter(married and settled in a different town) and a son other than me(works and lives with them in their house) ( I work in the USA on an H1 for past 2 years).Have travel history to Saudi Arabia but not in the past 5 years. I completely understand its the burden of applicant to prove the non immigrant Intent. But doesn't know how since both the times the officer didn't ask much .Both the times it was a joint interview .Wanted to know your comments.

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Tourist visas are often denied based upon incomprehensible reasons. The most difficult reason to overcome is the 214B denial. Essentially, the consular officer says that your parents possess immigrant intent and that he is not convinced they will come back. You can ask for a supervisory review of that decision, but most of the times they don't work.

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