How Does One Change Status While Within The United States?

I am currently working on L1B with company A and I received my H1B I-797 last year from same company A, but didn’t do the conversion to it yet. I want to change to company B in regards to which I have the below questions:
1- What is the process of switching the visa, and does it need me to setup an interview appointment?
2- If yes, does this have to be out of USA and in my home country?
3- Do I need to get the stamping for H1B with company A before moving to company B? Or can I switch to company B without going for H1B stamping for company A?

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FAQ: How does one change status while within the United States?

Video Transcript

There are three types of situations I can think of. One is when you are changing status to one to another (H-1 to F-1 or H-1 to tourist visa) can be filed just by using form I-539. Then there are some where the change of status requires refiling of the entire paperwork for the petition. H-1 and L-1 are examples of that category and the third situation to change of status is when certain categories of people are not allowed to change status. An example would be if you are here on a visa waiver also calling ESTA program you cannot change status. More...

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