Note! Employer subject to H-1 quota, but the job may not be

My wife is on cap-exempt H1B working for a non-profit hospital. She got the offer from another non-profit community hospital but, their lawyer declined to file a H1B transfer with the reason that a new employer is not a cap-exempt employer because it's not affiliated with any higher education institution. It's a very large community non-profit hospital but, no affiliation with any universities or research organization. Do you think, any chances here ?

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Difficult to say what the chances are, but read on.

Note that sometimes the employer may not be exempt from the quota, but the job may be. In the last three months, we have processed three cases like this.

Two H-1 cases were for a for-profit employer who was subject to the quota. But the employees are working at a Federal Research Lab. So that jobs are being performed to assist the function of a quota-exempt entity. H-1 were approved.

One case was for an educator who was doing trainings for a private company. The employer is obviously subject to the quota, but there was a large component of the job where she is assisting art education outreach for a university. H-1 approved.

But this is never easy, simply because CIS itself does not understand its own law. The first set of cases were returned as unapprovable by CIS 4 times and finally approved. The second, returned once and then approved. I will not get into the amount of pushing we had to do to get the govt. to obey the law, but we did get them approved.

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