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I came to US on F2 visa. In April 2008, my employer filed for my H1B visa and it was approved. Due to some personal reasons I can't start work from October 1 and I will need to change my visa status back to F2. Qo 1. My question is if I change my visa status back to F2, and if I find an employer who is ready to file my H1B in the future, Will I have to go through the quota again? Qo 2. Hi, I have been inspired by the previous posts, I have a similar situation. I was on H1 till Mar 03. Then I transfered to F2. Now I'm about to get a job offer from a company. Is my H1b application subject to the Cap? My previous H1B was issued on Feb 2002 and I haven't been out of the states since.

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Ans 1.  In my opinion, you will not be subject to the quota again.

Ans 2. You should not be subject to the quota.

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