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RFE and Audit
Familial Relationships

If there is a familial relationship between the owners, stockholders, partners, corporate officers, or incorporators, and the alien, the employer must be able to demonstrate the existence of a bona fide job opportunity, i.e., the job is available to U.S. workers. 20 C.F.R. 656.17(l). In order to provide the Certifying Officer (CO) the opportunity to evaluate whether the job opportunity has been and is clearly open to qualified U.S.

Foreign Labor Certification Questions and Answers

1. The actual process for the Foreign Labor Certification varies depending upon the program being used. This website contains information regarding the process for filing for each of the programs under the Department of Labor's (DOL) jurisdiction.

Survey Methodology–Frequently Used Alternate Surveys

DOL indicates that methodology can change within a survey among different occupations, so it is necessary for DOL to receive full survey methodology with each prevailing wage request, even for a commonly used alternate wage survey.

Rejection of Alternate Wage Surveys that are Incomplete or Lack Information

DOL indicates that it does issue a Request for Information when possible, but relies on employers and attorneys to provide complete information regarding alternate wage surveys to allow the wage determination to be based upon that survey.

Audits about Telecommuting

DOL indicates that this kind of question on an audit where the work location and residence location are close together is likely a training issue. DOL does, however, believe that it is appropriate to inquire about this kind of issue where it is unclear why the residential address and the work address are far apart from one another, and does issue audits on that basis where appropriate.

Follow up on PERM Account Registration

DOL indicates that it has completed its project to address “straggler” cases and has returned staff to normal job duties. This may help to improve timeliness of responses from DOL on these kinds of issues.

Duplicate PERM Certifications

DOL indicates that there has been at least one case where the I-140 was approved by USCIS despite issuance of a “duplicate” certification with different dates. In that case, the DOL and USCIS were advised of the duplicate certification issue prior to the I-140 being approved.

Bona Fide Reasons for Withdrawal during Supervised Recruitment (SR)

DOL indicates that it does not monitor or track particular reasons for withdrawal. DOL does, however, pay attention to the rate of withdrawal both for individual employers and overall. The withdrawal rate has decreased, but at one point was more than 10%. Such a high rate of withdrawal caused DOL concern.

Consolidation of Identical Cases for Supervised Recruitment

DOL has indicated that it is generally not opposed to consolidation of recruitment efforts in appropriate cases, and a request can be made to the SR processing e-mail box for consolidation. Even where cases are consolidated for recruitment, however, DOL will still require individual recruitment reports for each SR application.

Processing Times or Delays in Supervised Recruitment (SR)

DOL indicates that it expects to see a significant increase in the speed of processing of SR cases as well as cases under audit. Staff members who normally work on SR cases were temporarily reassigned to identify and process “straggler” cases. That project has been completed as of October 1, 2012, and DOL has moved those staff members back to their normal work. This should result in much faster processing of both SR and audit cases.

Prevailing Wage

Methodology can change within a survey among different occupations, so it is necessary for DOL to receive full survey methodology with each prevailing wage request, even for a commonly used alternate wage survey.