Traveling Outside the US As Asylee applicant ,Asylee,LPR through Asylum

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United States

I flew from Los Angeles used China Airlines transit through Taiwan. Taiwan doesn't have any passport inspection when transiting only airline checks ID at the gate.
My experience is airline staff never seen RTD and will hold you for 30-40 min to verify document and make sure you are good to go. So always go early!

Also airlines will ask for passport and I never provided. I always tell them "I DO NOT have passport that's why I have a RTD! it's ok I know I can travel with this"

In the US side, officer asked me purpose of your visit, i said I'm a returning asylee, then called someone else to escort me to secondary. Over there I wasn't asked any question at all, just waited 2-3 hrs then they called my name and said here's your document, good to go!

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