Asylee N-400 Interview Experience

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United States
  1. It took me all togather, 119 days from application file date to an Oath Ceremony. I am proud to be the USC now. I had to wait about 40 days between interview and Oath ceremony date because my GC was not complete 5 years at the time of Interview. Otherwise my Oath would be on April 26, which would make my Naturalization process complete within 100 days. It's FAST.....!!!

    Thanks all of you (specially to wantmygcnow, thankful,shefe assylum etc) for your help, supports and advices in the issues regarding my Asylum, Green Card and finally Naturalization.

    please check out my signature for timeline......

    Thank you,

    LPR :04/17/2006 (GC 04/18/2007)
    D/O : San Francisco
    01/19/09 : N-400 to Phoenix
    01/20/11 : Next day delivered
    01/20/11 :Rec.Date
    01/24/11 :Chk cashed
    01/28/11 :NOA Received
    01/28/11 :FP Received
    01/31/11 :FP walk 02/09/11
    02/28/11 :Transfer to local office
    03/03/11 :Interview Letter
    04/07/11 :Interview Done-Decision can not be made
    04/30/11 :OL received
    05/18/11 :Oath Done
    05/18/11:Passport Apply
    xx/xx/11 :Passport in Hand
Green Card: