17 years without GK and counting

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United States
  1. 21.5 years ago I arrived to USA and June 4 I will have a citizenship interview. You can read my story.
    1. Following is a time table of my case

      1. December 1990 arrived in US

      2. February 1991 applied for political asylum, till 1998 was waiting for an interview due to backlog

      3. Sometime 1998 interview with immigration office, denial of asylum

      4. March, 1999 granted a political asylum status by immigration judge, New York

      5. 1999-2006 staying in-line due to 10 000 a year quota for asylum cases to apply for adjustment of status for permanent residence.

      6. May 2006 Interviewed by immigration officer and few weeks later adjustment of status was denied due to my extensive travel from 1999 to 2006.

      7. June 2006 Appeal has been filed by my Immigration attorney

      8. May 2007 Interview in Garden City office (Garden City, NY) and in presence of my attorney was promised to receive an answer by mail not later than 6 months.

      9. Sept 2007 – Dec 2007 Numerous trips to Garden City office due to lack of any response on my case from May 2007

      10. January 2008. Filled Mandamus suit due to lack of response.

      11. Feb 2008. Interview in Garden City office. In presence of my attorney I was told that my I-485 petition has been approved 01/30/2008. I submitted two photos and was taken a fingerprint and was told to expect an actual Green Card in a month or so. Till this date I have received nothing in any shape and form from any immigration authorities. No approved notice, no Welcome Letter, etc. My lawyer has mailed me a first page of my I-485 application with stamp from Department Of Homeland Security “approved Jan 30, 2008”

      12. May 6 2008. Called National Customer Service Center 1-800-375-5283 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 1-800-375-5283 end_of_the_skype_highlighting and got an answer that my case is still pending, no further information available.

      13. May 7, 2008. Visit to Federal Plaza, NY, NY for infopass appointment. Got same answer as over the phone. My case is still pending and I have to wait for decision.

      It is just a deposition of my case. But to let you know more I would add some personal facts.In 1997 my father died in country of where I fled from and I was not able to attend a funeral.

      During 1999-2006 I have made numerous trips to abroad to see my two sons whom I was not able to see previous 8 years. My youngest son moved to US in his 17 in 2001. I got possibility to reunite with him because mu asylum status and he has lived with me for three years. He decided to move back to country of birth after three years of living with me mostly because he was depressed by his status of second grade resident, waiting to his quota to arrive to adjust his status. When I was able to file I-485 in 2006 quota for such as mine cases was dropped. Ironically it is happened just as my waiting in line ended. It was not fist my bad luck. When I was waiting an original interview after few years INS decided to start call people from end of the line, so it was easier to remove someone if case was denied as person stayed in US short time. In 1998 when my interview was scheduled backlog was gone and I was among the last who were affected. But all who was approved before me were online ahead of me for adjustment of status with artificial limit of 10 000 a year. But as my interview for adjustment was conducted I was denied of adjustment for reason of extensive travel using RTD. I have admitted that I was in my native country two times for brief periods. I submitted documents about my mother’s health as she was born in 1924. Anyway, it did not make any difference. Finally, May 5 this year my mother died in different country. Not in which I have fled from but neighboring while visiting her sister. I was trying to get something from USCIS in order to travel abroad, but my calls and infopass visit to office just were just to find out that my I-485 approval is still pending and nothing can be done for me to make me able travel for funeral and return back. Sad story for me…

      Anyway, I have to move on in my life. So I contacted my lawyer and he told me that my federal mandamus case is closed because I got approved. I do not know what to do. My lawyer have no other advice than to contact my local congressmen. I feel myself like a beggar in this country, despite of having own business for all this years, paying taxes and so on. 17 years and still counting. Any choices I have beside to commit a public suicide at parking lot before local USCIS office? Tell you the truth I am fed up beyond wildest imaginations. 

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