POE experience after succesful CP @ Islamabad

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confused cp
United States

The Immigrant Visa looks like a H1B1 visa stamp but the information is obviously different. The embassy also hands out a packet with top right part perforated. It has a white paper on the front which has your picture and information on it.

I landed at Chicago O'Hare airport at about 3:15 PM. While in the plane, I had filled only the customs forms and not the I-94 white form. After landing, I went to the New Immigrant line. The officer looked at the IV and took the packet from me. He sent me to the NSEERS special registration line.

I had to wait for two and a half hours before being called. They interviewed in no particular sequence and people who came later were seen sooner The officer asked me 3 questions but no finger printing was done here. The questions were: How long were you gone? Where did you go? What kind of work do you do?

Then, he sent me back to the new Immigrant line. There was one person ahead of me. I was called. He took my Right index finger prints on two sides of the same card type paper and made me sign on both sides as well. Then, he stamped my passport with DHS stamp that showed the date of entry only.
I was told that this is temporary green card and plastic one will come in 6 months. He also stamped the customs form.

I was then on my way to get my luggage.

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