Oath Ceremony

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United States

Went through my Oath Ceremony on Wednesday. It was a tremendous event and I'm very proud to now be a US Citizen. There were 727 applicants and numerous family members present at The Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA. Surprisingly the process of getting us to our seats, starting the Ceremony and handing out the Naturalization Certificates went very smoothly, USCIS has done this a number of times so I guess they have the system figured out pretty well.

The proudest moment of my life has to be singing the Star Spangled Banner after taking the Oath.

I've registered to vote with my local City hall and will be applying for a passport on Saturday. As I understand I need to update the Social Security Department as well.

My best wishes to all of you that have completed the process and those still moving through. It really was worth it filling out all the forms, studying the Civics questions, the waiting and anxiety to become a US Citizen.

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