Naturalization interview without the Country of Citizenship passport

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United States

So I had my interview on Sept 3rd and I went in without the Original Country of Citizenship Passport however as my previous posts state that I had made color copies of each page in my Passport book. Furthermore, I got each page notarized by a Notary Public and obtained a letter from Swiss Embassy that my original Passport (number xxxxx) is with them with effect from data xxxx for Schengen visa processing etc. So I was ready but still I was hoping that the I/O wont ask for my Passport and I don't have to bring all of this up.

So after the initial questions, the first thing my I/O asked was 'I need to see your Permanent Resident Card, a State Issues Drivers License or ID and your Passport to verify your trips outside of the US'. 
So I pull out my GC and DL and place it in front of her. As she is looking at me to take the passport out, I give her the document I obtained from Swiss Embassy stating that my Passport is with them, I told her the reason that why I don't have my passport while she is reading that document from Swiss embassy. She was looking a little hesitant at that point but then I said just to be on the safe side I had made copies of each page of my Passport book and each page is Notarized. She gladly accepted that and started looking at each Entry stamp to match it with the field in my Naturalization application where I had listed all trips taken outside the US in the last 5 yrs. She verified everything and was satisfied with it and handed me back my Passport copies and the Embassy letter. We moved on to other questions. After going through my entire application she asked me six questions from the Naturalization exam book, I got all of them right and she put an Approved stamp on my application, shook hands and told me that after her Supervisor reviews my application (routine procedure) my case will be advanced and I will receive an Oath ceremony notice.

That's it. 

I hope my experience helps everyone who is going for a Naturalization interview without the Country of Citizenship passport.

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