I-765 Ead Online Application Guide

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United States

The process of E-filing was easy !!. The ASC took only 10 min for the photos and Finger Prints.

Advantages of E-File:
- Enter the data yourself => so NO chance of Typo errors by TSC. Make sure YOU do not make typo / name swapping errors : See : http://forums.immigration.com/
- Pay by CC ; => you can immediately see that the Money has safely been charged. (Hey earn some credit card miles ..or points !! See Below : about Security Code when using Credit Card ) http://forums.immigration.com/
- Get Recipt # instantly.
- No more LOST receipts (or anxiously waiting for a RECEIPT )
- No more LOST photos See http://forums.immigration.com/
- Save Money on Photographs
- Service Center ALSO sends a copy of the Receipt at the give address within 5 days.
- ASC guys have become EXPERTS in handling EAD appointments. (Wait time is less than 30 min )
- ASC officer signs and "stamps" the copy of your EAD online receipt (proof that you went there )
- Online Receipt has "Bar CODE" which the ASC guys scan to import data.
- ASC has a seperate Quality Control Officer who checks ALL data entered including FP , Digital Photo , A# , etc. The Quality Control Officer then signs the I-765 Application as well.
- Appointment set using 800 # ( wait time on phone 2 ~ 3 min )
- Time at ASC << 30 min.
- ASC has printout of Appointment Schedule. (so no hassle explaining to them)

- You Have to go to the ASC for Digital Photo (U might have to take half vacation day ... ) it depends ( I took a 8:00 AM app ; Reached ASC at 7:40 AM . Door Opened at 7:50 AM . finished by 8:10 AM. Back to Office at 9:00 AM )


These instructions assume that this EAD online application is based on an I-485 adjustment of status application filed at a SERVICE CENTER based on an I-140 employment-based immigrant visa petition.

Before you start the online application, please make sure that you have the following:

1. Your computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader (to create and save a document in PDF format); you can download the Acrobat Reader for free at the following site:


2. You have your ALIEN NUMBER assigned to you when the I-485 adjustment of status was filed (and contained in your last EAD card);

3. Your I-485 filing receipt number

4. The I-140 filing receipt number (for the principal applicant);

5. The date you last entered the USA and the category admitted in (H-1B, L-1,advance parole, EWI is for persons who entered illegally);

6. The port of entry to the USA (city);

7. Current status (enter the same category that you entered in or converted to while in the USA: H-1, L-1, F-1, advance parole);

8. The date you last applied for an EAD; (Or MULTIPLE EAD's) Have information for all of them.

9. The place where you applied (Texas Service Center, etc);

10. The results of your last EAD application (granted, denied, etc);

11. Credit Cards / Personal check so you can read the Bank routing and accounts numbers; (I would recommend CREDIT CARD )

12. The name of Credit Cards/ checking account holder as it appears in the Bank records;

13. The address of Credit Cards/ the checking account holder as it appears in the Bank records;

14. The phone number of the Credit Cards/ checking account holder as it appears in the Bank records.

The first step to take is to got the initial page of the USCIS website:
Please select e-Gov Services @ USCIS

**At the next page, please select eFiling USCIS Forms.

**At the next page, please select Form I-765, E-Filing Application for Employment Authorization.

**At the next page, please select I-765 [under the heading Access Form for Electronic I-765 (efiling)].

**At the next page, please select Begin Application.

**At the next page, please select oval one (I am filing the form for myself or to assist someone. I am not a qualified Attorney) and then press CONTINUE;

**At the next page, please select RENEWAL OF MY PERMISSION TO ACCEPT EMPLOYMENT and complete all the biographic data about yourself – almost at the foot of the application, include the ALIEN NUMBER beginning with the letter A and followed by the numbers without any dashes (there is NO NEED to include the I-94 number—all you need is the alien number);

**At the next page, select YES to the question “Have you ever before applied for employment Authorization form USCIS? And include the Service Center where the I-485 application was filed: TEXAS SERVICE CENTER, VERMONT SERVICE CENTER, NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER or CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER; also include the date of the last EAD application (see the date of the last EAD was issued and use that date) and the results GRANTED – You should also enter the DATE OF LAST ENTRY TO THE USA, PLACE OF LAST ENTRY, MANNER (B-1, H-1, ETC)

AND CURRENT STATUS IN USA (parolee if entered with a parole or otherwise the same status as last entry even if expired, if in doubt leave blank !!
Options are NOT in order; so it is possible that you may select the wrong one e.g (Select H1 insted of H1B ) Please see the alphabetically sorted list :: http://forums.immigration.com/

At this point, you will see a box that states PLEASE SELECT YOUR ELIGIBILITY STATUS. Here you will enter the code (c)(9) Filed I-485.

Very Important:
Then a box that reads PLEASE PROVIDE INFORMATION CONCERNING YOUR ELIGIBILITY STATUS – Here you should enter the filing receipt of YOUR I-485 application and the I-140 filing receipt (yours if your are the principal applicant or of your spouse/parent if you are not the principal applicant) –Example I-485 SRC-00-000-00000 and I-140 SRC-00-000-00000 –

**The following page will ask to confirm the particulars of the Credit Card or checking account being used to pay the $120.00 filing fee.

Very Important:
Always check the box which says I will be mailing supporting docs !!

Why Mail Supporting Docs : Read this:

Very Important:
Once the payment has been accepted, please PRINT THE ENTIRE APPLICATION, which will include a filing receipt, and a completed I-765 application.
Please also SAVE the application in your computer for future reference.

Very Important:
Print application : Make a covering letter: (see Below) : Send to Appropriate Service Center. Send it CERTIFIED MAIL + RETURN RECEIPT. If mailing 2 APPILCANTS send 2 MAILS / ENVELOPS: MARK THE ENVELOPE CLEARY: ORIGINAL SUBMISSION : SUPPORTING DOCS FOR E-FILED I-765.

The instructions will provide you with an (800) number to call to make an appointment to go to the nearest Application Support Center (ASC) to have your INDEX PRINT AND PHOTO TAKEN. PLEASE CALL IMMEDIATELY AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. When you call the (800) number, please select the FINGERPRINTING OPTION. When you go to the ASC, BRING THE ENTIRE APPLICATION AND FILING RECEIPT AS WELL AS PASSPORT/DRIVER’S LICENSE . At the ASC they will photograph you and take your index print. The photo and index print will be digitized by the ASC and will be forwarded electronically to the SERVICE CENTER where the I-485 application is pending.

NOTE: THE ASC has a "PRINT OUT" of all the APPOINTMENTS that were made by calling the 800 NSC number. So when you go to the ASC they will have the information about your name, APP time, A#.

Things to take at the ASC:
Current Unexpired EAD.
Printout of the EAD APPLICATION that was filed online. (Note the ASC uses the "BAR CODE" on the Application to enter some data during FP)
Driver Licence

Sample Covering Letter for PRINCIPAL APPLICANT:

Dear Immigration Officer,
I have submitted my EAD renewal application electronically on xx/xx/xx. The USCIS Receipt number is xxxxxxxxx. My A# is xxxxxxxx
Currently, I am working on the EAD which was issued on xxxxxxxx.

Please find attached the following documents for the Renewal of my I-765 E-Filing

- Copy of the Confirmation Receipt notice
- Copy of Current EAD (Front & Back)
- Copy of I-485 petition (Adjustment of Status Application Pending with TSC)
- Online Status of my I485 receipt
- Copy of I-140 Approval Petition
- Copy of Previous EAD mailer
- Cut out mailer of previous EAD Approval.
- Copy of I-94
- Copy of Passport (which has Bio-graphic data)
- Copy of Drivers License

Thank you, I appreciate your time and attention to this matter.


Sample Letter for Derivative Applicant:

Dear Immigration Officer,
****same as above*****

- Copy of the Confirmation Receipt notice
- Copy of Current EAD (Front & Back)
- Copy of I-485 petition (Adjustment of Status Application Pending with TSC: Derivative Adjustment)
- Online Status of my I485 receipt
- Copy of I-140 Approval Petition of Principal Applicant (My spouse: xxx xxxx)
- Copy of Previous EAD mailer
- Cut out mailer of previous EAD Approval.
- Copy of I-94
- Copy of Marriage Certificate
- Copy of Passport (which has Bio-graphic data & Husbands Name)
- Copy of Drivers License

Green Card: