Citizenship interview schedule

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United States

We completed our interviews and oath ceremony this week. I speak from my personal experience only but I believe when you submit your N-400 applications, they try to keep track of both spouse's cases together. We filed 3 years ago and both our case statuses would change at the same time, even though I know I was the primary applicant responsible for the delay due to name and security checks. When I requested copies of both our immigration records 2 years ago under the Freedom of Information Act, my wife's records stated that she was the beneficiary and linked to the primary applicant, me. On Tuesday my wife was interviewed first and was told that she had been approved but her oath ceremony would be scheduled pending the result of my interview. When I was approved an hour later, we were both scheduled for the oath ceremony later in the afternoon.

Again there will always be exceptions to this. My colleague and his wife went for their interviews 2 years back and though she was approved, my friend's case was delayed since they could not make a decision at the time. She was scheduled for a same day oath ceremony while he had to wait another 2 weeks before they could process additional documents they had requested of him and scheduled his oath ceremony almost a month after his wife's. So I would think when you apply as husband and wife, they do try to process your cases together unless some exceptional circumstances alter that process.

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