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Visitor's visa issued - Chennai

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United States

My in-laws have been issued visitor's visa on 28th at Chennai.

Some points:
* I have sent the sponsor documents.
* Advised them to take special care about arrangement and presentation of the papers
* I have sent two sets of originals/copies for them.
* Trained them on the possible questions and the answers.
*They are both around 70 years of age.
*This is their first interview and they have never visited any foreign country.

The questions they faced:
1. Why do you want to go? (To spend time with my daughter's family and to visit places)
2. Why do you want 6 months for this? (We want to visit as many places as we can as we may not make another trip)
3. Who is staying there?
4. Since how long?
5. How many children do you have?
6. Are you staying alone or with anyone?
7. What does your daughter do in US?
8. What does your son-in-law do?

The Consular officer looked at the documents sent by me very closely and seemed to be satisfied with them. They were issued the Visa.

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