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My Oath Ceremony experience

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United States

I went through security and was directed by the lady at the front desk to sit in the waiting room if I was there for the Oath Ceremony and told to have my green card ready. I was about 30 minutes early (my appt was for 1:30). At 1:35 PM a gentleman came out and said that all applicants must line up and take out the form and green card, He also said the top left line should have the city where the Oath was taking place not our home address and the home address should be on the bottom right only. I gave the lady my form and green card,she gave me a white envelope, and directed me to the 2nd floor where the oath ceremony was going to take place. They asked family members to remain downstairs and they joined the applicants after. The applicants sat at the front of the room and the family sat behind. At 2:15 PM an officer stood at the front and reviewed what we should do a citizens (ex. register to vote, update social security, get passports). Another very humorous lady joined and took control of the ceremony. She made us feel very comfortable. They called the names of the countries represented in the room (32 countries and 40 applicants) and asked us to stand when we heard our country. We said the oath, repeating after her, then they asked the family to stand and we said the pledge of allegiance and sang the anthem. They played the song God Bless the USA and told us to feel free to sing along. We listened to the presidents' speech and welcoming and congratulating us as Americans then called our names to get our Naturalization certificates. Some people stayed behind to take pictures but I went downstairs and registered to vote then left. The ceremony was about an hour long but it was so enjoyable.

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