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United States

I wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful comments and guidance posted in this forum!

Went to the USCIS office in Manhattan yesterday for my interview at 730 am. After going through security went to the waiting area and handed my interview notice to the receptionist. My name was called by the IO at 8 am. It must have been a very quiet day and there were no more than 15-20 people in the waiting area!

The IO was American but her last name sounded Greek. After the formalities she started going through my application form. She asked me to write a sentence, read a sentence and several history/civic questions which I answered correctly. No mention of any trips abroad whatsoever. Overall my application was very straightforward except for an incident that took place a long time ago in the UK (which was discussed at length during my Green Card application). She asked for the original UK police report (I had submitted a copy with my application).

Finally she gave me a notice indicating that I passed the initial interview and should receive the oath ceremony invitation in the near future. Based on another forum the invitation notice arrives usually a month after the interview.

Glad the journey is almost over!

For more information visit the link below.

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