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Boston MA - Naturalization Interview Experience

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United States

Had my Naturalization Interview this morning and all went well, I was issued an N-652 indicating that my application has been recommended for approval. After weeks of stressing over this it took about 20 minutes from start to finish, the I/O was a very nice Gentleman, I probably thanked him a little too much at the end but I was very happy and proud.

I arrived at 10 am, made the mistake of having a small pen knife attached to my keys which the x-ray machine picked up and I had to take it back to my car and go through the screening again. Once inside I presented my interview notice and went to the waiting room. Within less than 5 minutes I was called up and introduced to my I/O, he asked me if my Immigration lawyer would be present (as my application was submitted by the lawyer that did my GC application) and I confirmed that it would be just me for the interview.

Took the oath to tell the truth and he requested my DL/GC and Passport. We started with the History/Civics Questions and they were as follows:

1. What year was the constitution written
2. What does freedom of religion mean
3 How many US Senators are there
4. When must males register for the draft
5. Name one state that boarders Canada
6. What Ocean is on the east coast

All pretty easy IMO so no problem there. Next he asked me to read a statement and write a response (I think it was something like 'what do we pay to the US government' and I wrote 'We pay taxes'). We then went through every page of my N-400, he confirmed my personal information and confirmed my responses to all of the questions. I provided him with an update of my travel log as I had a trip to Canada since submitting my N-400. He then asked me to sign a number of forms and the two passport style photos. He made no request for any documentation beyond my ID's or what was already provided in my application.

He then left the room and when he came back he confirmed that my application would be approved and indicated that my oath ceremony would likely be around Jul 29 in Worcester, MA but that I would receive the official notification in the mail with the confirmed date etc.

That's it, it was as easy as it sounds. Glad it's over, next stop Oath then a US passport.

If anyone has any questions let me know I'll try my best to answer.

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